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雙通道 RS-232 串列通訊模組

EVM or DSK board


 =DSP based 串列通訊發展模組


Dual RS-232 UART DSK Daughter Card 

     智控科技(ICT)特別推出的雙通道串列傳輸擴充子卡,讓您即時的使用TI DSP來作各式的串列傳輸處理。全整支援 TI 的 6711DSK6713DSK6416DSK5510DSK..等。

  • Two independent RS-232 serial communication interfaces (oneDTE,oneDCE)
  • Maximum full-duplex bitrate 250kBit/s
  • Signal levels compliant with RS-232 standard
  • Visual indicationo fall RS-232 signal states withon-board LEDs
  • User options configurable with DIPs witches
  • Tested driver software in source code included
  • Compliant with Texas Instruments TMS320 Cross-Platform Daughtercard Specificationv1.0


Dual RS-232 UART Daughter Card has been designed as communication enhancement for Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP Starter Kits. The daughter card architecture, shown below, is based on two independent industry-standard 16C550 Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) devices.

The 16C550 UART devices are addressed as memory-mapped devices, and each make use of an individual interrupt request line. The 16C550 UART device activation (chip-select) is either performed by means of on-board address decoding (not shown) or by making use of the Chip Enablesignals oftheTMS320 Daughtercard Interface.

Product contents

Dual R2-232 UART Daughter Card is delivered with the following items:

  • Tested driver software (source code)
  • User Manual
  • Technical Documentation (incl. schematics)
  • RS-232 Serial cable (6 feet)