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C5510 DSP Starter Kit (DSK)


        TMS320C5510 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) 可以使你利用低成本和較少的時間來設計和發展以德州儀器 TMS320C55x 系列為基礎的 DSP 產品。此套件是是以 USB 為通訊介面,並支援隨插即用。

         可以快速的下載和安裝程式在 C5510 DSK 上,也可以使用 Real Time Data Exchange (RTDX™)


     DSK 是用 TMS320C5510 DSP ,操作在 200MHz, 400 millionC5510 DSP 是以低消耗功率 TMS320C5000 DSP 為基礎平台,可以應用在數位音樂播放器、數位相機、電子書、可攜式醫療裝置、錄音筆、GPS 接收器、指紋/圖像辨識和無線數據機。下列是 TMS320C5510 DSK 的特點:

  • Embedded JTAG support via USB

  • High-quality 24-bit stereo codec

  • Four 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone, line in, speaker and line out

  • 256K words of Flash and 8 MB SDRAM

  • Expansion port connector for plug-in modules

  • On-board standard IEEE JTAG interface

  • +5V universal power supply

TMS32C5510 DSP 的軟體發展平台是使用德州儀器的 Code Composer Studio™ 綜合開發工具,而 Code Composer Studio™ 是可以執行在 Windows© 98, Windows 2000 Windows XP 的作業系統,而 Code Composer Studio™ 有下列特色:

  • A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler assembler, linker, debugger, an a advanced editor with Code Maestro™ technology for faster code creation, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project manager

  • Power Analyzer and Power Scaling Library

  • DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel

  • Target error recovery software

  • DSK diagnostic tool

  • "Plug-in" ability for third-party software for additional functionality


The full contents of the kit include:

  • C5510 DSP Development Board

  • C5510 DSK Code Composer Studio™ IDE

  • Power Analyzer* and Power Scaling Library

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Technical Reference

  • Customer Support Guide

  • USB Cable

  • Universal Power Supply

  • AC Power Cord(s)