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TriMedia Developers Kit (TDK) for PCI BUS


  • TriMedia Developers Kit 是為多媒體產品發展所設計,包含一個由Philips TriMedia TM-1300 處理器構成的參考設計板 (Reference Design Board) TM-1300 IREF,包含安裝接線、訓練教材和技術文件。它同時也包含 TriMedia 軟體發展環境(SDE),此包羅廣泛的軟體使多媒體的應用程式得以在 TriMedia 架構下,利用 CC++ 完全流暢的發展與最佳化。特別適合熟悉 DSP 和多媒體處理以及有 C C++ 程式撰寫背景的工程師來使用。

  • 適合應用在影像聲音通訊多媒體數位DSP最佳發展工具即時處理。

  • real time video, audio and telecoms I/O

  • CVBS and S-Video I/O formats

  • 32 bit VLIW processor with integrated I/O

  • stereo audio analog I/O

  • modem interface and 2 wire DAA

  • 32 Mbyte SDRAM

  • scheduling C/C++ compiler support

  • Windows 9x/NT drivers

  • download TriMedia board data sheet


This PCI based kit includes the MDS IREF board, which is based on a 180 MHz PNX1300 Nexperia (TriMedia). Also included is the Philips NDK software package, which provides a complete development environment for compiling and debugging Nexperia applications.

The package includes audio and video cables needed to connect the card to signal sources and displays. In addition to the CD with the Philips NDK software on it, a CD of examples and support software for the board is included.

Please note that printed manuals are no longer available for the Philips NDK.

The TDK-1300 kit includes:

  • IREF board (180 MHz Nexperia, 32 MB RAM)
  • Audio and video cables
  • CD ROM with examples and manual
  • Philips NDK
  • 90 Day Getting Started Support