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Code Warrior for Philips TriMedia


  • CodeWarrior for Philips TriMedia被設計用來提高您的程式生產力,且現今還沒有任何其他應用工具能超過它,其最新的project management, build, code navigation系統將加速您的compile-build-debug周期.另外,直覺式的整合發展環境(IDE),也可讓你花費較少的時間學習多重的工具設定,使您有更多時間編寫程式碼。

  • 最佳化的C compiler可為TriMedia產生最好的code

  • 視覺的除錯工具將加大您程式的除錯效率。

  • 縮短你的學習曲線!

  • CodeWarrior for Philips TriMedia完整支援Integrated SystemspSOS+pSOS+M即時作業系統

  • 使你的花費得到最佳的服務-註冊過的使用者能透過emailWeb,線上服務,電話,或者傳真得到免費的產品更新和一年的CodeWarrior IDE 免費技術支援



  • Host Development Platform Support:
    1. Windows 95/98/NT (full IDE support)
    2. Macintosh System 7.5 or later
  • Target MIPS Processor Support:
    1. Philips TriMedia TM-1000 and TM1100
  • Compilers, Assemblers and Linkers:
    1. Optimizing C and compiler
    2. ANSI C compliant
    3. C compiler has the ability to pre-compile header files
    4. Standalone assembler
  • Library Support:
    1. Re-entrant ANSI C libraries
    2. Audio/video streaming
  • Project Manager and Build System:
    1. Multi-threaded to allow the you to work on one project while compiling for another
    2. Holds source files and libraries, manages dependencies and stores compiler, linker
      and other preferences using a project paradigm
    3. Supports subprojects that allow you to share common source bases across multiple
      targets and create simultaneous project builds using various optimization
      combinations or release/debug versions of projects
    4. Supports multiple projects simultaneously
    5. Supports error management directly in the error message window
    6. Keeps constant track of code size, file link order, debugging options, and
  • Editor and Code Navigation System:
    1. Language- and context-sensitive editor
    2. Drag and drop editing in IDE for source code
    3. Pop-up menus for quick navigation and access to functions and headers in each
  • Graphical Source-Level Debugger:
    1. Communicates with target system via PCI-bus interface with a host PC
    2. Task-aware support for pSOS
    3. TriMedia simulator support (simulator included)
    4. Supports debugging of remote source files
    5. Run control for executing lines of code or assembly instructions at any location
    6. Command-line support in Messages window
  • Documentation:
    1. Inside CodeWarrior: Core Tools on Windows 95/NT, 3.0 IDE
    2. CodeWarrior: QuickStart for Embedded Systems
    3. Other books available in electronic format on CD
  • Windows Minimum Requirements:
    1. Intel (or Intel compatible) 80486 or Pentium processor or greater
    2. Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT
    3. 16 MB RAM minimum (32 MB recommended)
    4. 40 MB free hard disk space
    5. CD-ROM drive for installation
  • Macintosh Minimum Requirements:
    1. Motorola 68020 processor or higher, or PowerPC 601 processor or higher
    2. 24 MB of RAM minimum
    3. System 7.5 or later
    4. CD-ROM drive for installation
    5. 40 MB of free hard disk space