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     TriMeleon DT

TriMeleon® DT Board Series

High performance TriMedia boards
for video and audio grabbing and compression


Our TriMeleon DT boards are powerful and compact expansion boards with outstanding possibilities in the fields of video, audio, multimedia and telecommunication applications. The heart of the different boards is the TriMedia processor from Philips, combined with a video decoder (A/D converter). The boards offer different interface solutions that allow the integration into own products.

Video compression and decompression
Audio compression and decompression
Data encoding and decoding
Frame editing
Integration in PC environment, interface dependent

Effective implementation of standardized video compression algorithms



Besides the usual software delivered with the boards (Board Support Package, Boot Loader and Driver) DResearch optionally offers a series of optimized video codecs that convert the boards into a powerful tool for your DSP solutions and multimedia applications.

Development software SDE2.1
Demonstration applications
Video-Codecs (H.261, H.263, H.263+, JPEG/MJPEG, Wavelet)
Audiocodecs (G.711, G.723.1, G.729)
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DT1108 Module
4 analog video inputs(CVBS, SVHS, RGB)
3 analog video outputs
2 analog audio inputs
2 analog audio outputs
4 general purpose inputs
4 general purpose outputs
1 serial interface
Integration into other terminal devices like cameras, television sets, audio systems and projectors
Download PDF TriMeleon DT1108 (165 Kb)
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DT1108 Starter Kit

Compact support module for the TriMeleon DT1108 Board

With prototyping area (SMD-pads)
Conversion of video signals (PAL to NTSC and vice versa)
Digitalization of analog audio and video data streams
Video and audio filter with text overlay
Download PDF TriMeleon DT1108 StarterKit (205 Kb)
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DT1101 PCI Board
4 S- video or 8 standard inputs
4 video decoder SAA7113H
4 digital inputs (optocoupler)
2 digital outputs (relay contacts)
Short PCI card
The coupling of each camera with a separate A/D converter facilitates a fast switching between the connected video sources.
Applications in video and security fields with a standardized PC environment
Industrial frame editing
Download PDF TriMeleon DT1101 (151 Kb)
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DT1302 CPCI Board
4 S-video or 8 CVBS inputs
4 video decoder SAA7113H
1 video output (CVBS, SVHS, RGB)
8 digital inputs (optocoupler) for the connection of external sensors (e.g. motion sensors)
Industrial environments
Video and security fields
Industrial frame editing
Download PDF TriMeleon DT1302 (144 Kb)
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DT1304 PC/104-Plus Module
Up to 4 video inputs (2 video decoders)
1 analog video output (CVBS, SVHS, RGB)
2 analog audio inputs
2 analog audio outputs
4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs
I²C Bus
Compact PC-based multimedia terminals
Long-time recording and play-back of audio and video data
Synchronic audio and video editing
Mobile video and audio applications
Download PDF TriMeleon DT1304 (133 Kb)

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DT1341 PCI Multiprocessor Board
4 Philips TriMedia Processors TM1300, 143 MHz
PCI 2.1 bus interface
2 analog video inputs
(CVBS or S-Video, PAL or NTSC)
2 analog video outputs
( CVBS or S-Video, PAL or NTSC)
4 video expansion connectors
16 Mbytes SDRAM for each processor
video compression and decompression,
crambling and descrambling
stereo imaging and stereo video signal processing
data encription / decryption
computer vision
2D and 3D computer graphics
long-term video recording and playback
Download PDF TriMeleon DT1341 (187 Kb)
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