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首頁 DSP應用 擴充子卡DSKINET

EVM or DSK board


 =DSP based 網路發展模組



       智控科技(ICT)特別推出的DSKINET嵌入式TCP/IP網路擴充子卡,讓您即時的使用TI DSP來作各式的網路處理和傳輸。完整支援C6711DSKC6713DSKC6416DSK、C5416DSK、C5510DSK。提供網站架設功能。


  • Embedded TCP/IP Stack with low-level or Berkley style sockets API

  • Easily integrate TCP communications onto DSK projects

  • Stackable. Co-exists with other daughter cards

  • DSK interface options for memory mapping or SPI

  • Up to 25 Mbps through-put


  • Net-connect DSP processing

  • Network development

  • VOIP projects

DSKinet is an embedded TCP/IP Ethernet daughter card based on the WizNET W3100A. The interface contains a hardware TCP/IP stack removing any DSP processing overhead and comes royalty free. The device handles TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP/RARP and raw MAC and DLC protocols with extended protocols such as DHCP and SMTP, etc easily accommodate in software. The Wiznet API has been integrated into the DSP/BIOS operating system to ease development. Inclusion of TCP/IP enables the DSKinet to be used as the basis of net attached DSP and VOIP projects.



詳細資料請聯絡: tech@ict.com.tw