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LAN Daughter Card for DSP

EVM or DSK board


 =DSP based 網路傳輸發展模組


LAN Daughter Card 

        智控科技(ICT)特別推出的低單價網路傳輸擴充子卡,讓您即時的使用TI DSP來作各式的網路傳輸處理。可發展兩塊DSK間的溝通或是DSK和電腦間 溝通。全整支援 TI 6711DSK 6713DSK6416DSK5416DSK5510DSK..等。


型號 區別
UX-1 1 UART-to-XPORT Device Server channel for LAN, Internet, and Web access.
UX-1-S 1 UART-to-XPORT Device Server channel for LAN, Internet, and Web access. 可堆疊上去. Includes a pair (2) of height extenders (part number DSPG-EXT).



  • Provides a UART, asynchronous, 230.4 Kbps serial port, including a full TCP/IP protocol stack, to the LAN, Internet and World Wide Web.  Allows remote control and data access to any serial device from anywhere in the world.
  • Plugs into the C54X, C55X, and  C64X DSP Texas Instruments and Spectrum Digital DSK and EVM DSP development systems.  The COMPATIBILITY  chart shows the DSK's and EVM's that are compatible with this product.  
  • Conforms to the Texas Instruments TMS320 Cross-Platform Daughtercard Specification   for TI and Spectrum Digital DSK and EVM  DSP development systems.
  • A stackable version is available so that other daughter cards can be added and stacked on top of one another.
  • Connector height extenders are available allowing a daughter card to be plugged into this card.
  • The most compact solution the the industry to Web-enable any product with a serial interface.
  • Allows OEM's to build networking capabilities into their products faster and more easily.
  • An embedded HTTP-compliant Web server in an RJ45 assembly.
  • Allows you to network-enable any serial device.
  • Includes a networking protocol suite with  a full TCP/IP stack.
  • With 10Base-T and 100Base-TX auto-sensing Ethernet.
  • Programmable E-mail alerts.
  • Built-in Web browser and web page.
  • 128-bit AES RIJNDAEL encryption.
  • Mature, robust operating system.
  • Card is a high quality, double-sided FR4 PCB.
  • A white silkscreen clearly identifies all channels and connector position.
  • Both sides of the card have a solder mask

     This plug-in daughter card has a UART driving a miniature XPort Device Server manufactured by Lantronix.   When plugged in, the UART on the card interfaces with the TI or Spectrum Digital DSK or EVM DSP Development System.  A stackable version is available so that other daughter cards can be added and stacked on top of one another.

The XPort device server is a miniaturized  version of a modular serial-to-Ethernet converter.  It contains and uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for network communications and the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).  Other supported protocols are: ARP, TCP, UDP, Telnet, ICMP, TFTP, AutoIP, DHCP, HTTP, and SNMP. 

The XPort Device Server  interfaces with the LAN, and subsequently to the World Wide Web over the Internet, via an RJ45 connector, built-into the Device Server.  The  Device Server contains a full TCP/IP protocol stack, allowing LAN, Internet and World Wide Web access, including e-mail, without the user interfacing directly with TCP/IP stacks.  Two LED's indicate the presence of TD and RD signals between the UART and the  Device Server .  

     With this Device Server daughter card, the user can develop products to communicate with each other anywhere in the world over a LAN or over the Internet using the standard, simple, asynchronous, serial data transmission protocol.  The Device Server essentially forms a "tunnel" through the LAN and the Internet connecting two devices or a single remote device and any computer, as if they were directly connected to each other via serial ports.  All that is required is a knowledge of the operation of a simple, asynchronous, serial data transmission. 

      The XPort Device Server contains a web (http) server and can store user-generated web pages and serve them to any browser over the LAN or the World Wide Web.  The user can generate web pages in HTML using any web page software such as Microsoft's "Front Page", and store these pages inside the  Lantronix Device Server.  The user can also generate "Applets" in JAVA and store them inside the Device Server.

A Block diagram of the card and photo's are shown below.   


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