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音效擴充子卡  Audio Daughter Card 模組

EVM or DSK board


 =DSP based 音效(Audio)發展模組


DUAL 3006 Daughter card


    智控科技(ICT)特別推出的音效擴充子卡Audio Daughter Card,採用16-/20-Bit Single-Ended Analog Input/Output Stereo Audio Codec,並包含Audio 音效模組,提供完整的範例應用( 採用C語言的原始編碼 ),讓您即時的使用TI DSP來作各式的音效處理,提高取樣頻率至48KHz,最高可支援四通道聲音輸入輸出。完整支援C6711DSKC6713DSKC5510DSKC6416DSK


  • four (4) synchronized, 16-bit ADC and DAC channels for the Texas Instruments
    TMS320C6211/6711/6713/6416T/5510 DSP Starter Kits (DSKs).
  • Based on the PCM3006 codec, it can sample at 48kHz using its onboard oscillator, or by using a DSK timer can achieve up to a 73kHz sample rate.
  • Line-level inputs and outputs are available at standard 1/8" stereo mini-jacks.
  • Sample software for Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio is included.

詳細資料請聯絡: tech@ict.com.tw