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ES449 主板
ES449 套件可以讓你輕易的驗証 TI MSP430F449 處理器的特性,並提供精細的液晶顯示模組。
     ES449 套件是為了要研發需要液晶顯示的手持式設備所推出的。


  • MSP430F449 flash processor
  • Our custom 7 digit 3v 4-mux LCD
  • Texas Instruments RS232 interface using the MAX3221
  • Adjustable TPS7201 LDO for benchtop use
  • One-cell power supply based on the TPS60310 (3.3v from one AA or AAA battery)
  • CR2032 coin cell supply and 3.3v capacitive charge pump
  • JTAG header, perfect for use with our FETP (not included).
  • Bootloader header, perfect for use with our BLMSPF (not included).
  • 4 Green User LEDs
  • 2 User switches
  • Every MSP port pin exposed at IDC headers
  • Large prototyping area
  • Layout for SST serial flash