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MAX II Micro Kit
Max II Micro Kit
  A complete digital design lab at your fingertips! Equipped with an Altera MAX® II EPM2210F324C3 device and on-board USB Blaster circuit, the MAX II Micro Kit provides users the best and largest CPLD design resource. MAX II Micro board can also be used as a USB Blaster cable (JTAG mode programming only) by leveraging its on-board USB Blaster circuit.

• 以最低價格提供最大容量的 MAX II CPLD
• MAX II CPLD 是同業的2倍
• 板卡上內建價值 NT$1680 的 USB Blaster 下載電纜
• 此 MAX II Micro Kit 可獨立當成一條 USB 下載線(只支援JTAG mode 下載)
• 由 Altera 之全球 FPGA 板卡生產夥伴友晶科技所設計研發,品質保證

The MAX II Micro kit contains:

  • MAX II Micro board with MAX II EPM2210F324C3 (largest CPLD in MAX II series) and on-board USB Blaster.
  • USB Cable (Type-A-Male to Type-A-Female) for FPGA programming , control , and power source.
  • CD-ROM containing Altera Quartus II 7.0 Web edition.

The latest MAX II Micro documentation and supporting materials, including the User Manual, reference designs, demonstrations, device datasheets are free to download below .

Power Solution for Altera FPGAs
Power Solution Used in the MAX II Micro Kit.





The MAX II Micro Kit Package


Many reference designs with complete source code are provided



Can be used as a USB Blaster cable



標題 日期 下載
MAX II Micro Kit User Manual 2007-08-15


標題 日期 下載
MAX II Micro Kit CD-ROM Content 2007-07-18



  • Altera Quartus II DVD - Version 7.0
  • 1 條 USB Cable