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IP Camera Front End
IP Camera Front End

IP Camera Front End

  • Fully parameterised line buffer
  • Auto line length adaptation for run-time resolution changes
  • Minimal memory footprint
  • Bayer to RGB conversion
  • Colour bar output
  • Gamma correction/Colour space conversion


The Bitec Camera Front End IP allows developers to interface CMOS and CCD cameras to an Altera FPGA. Using a memory optimised line buffer, the core sits between a backend SoPC and the raw camera signals. As the line-buffer automatically adapts to the camera resolution, the back-end application can resize or window in real time. An optimised Bayer de-mosaic algorithm is then performed to produce an interpolated RGB triple. A gamma-correction layer allows the core to perform colour correction and user selectable colour space conversion. The core is designed to interface seamlessly to all CMOS and CCD devices.