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  • Single link operation from 25-165 Megapixels per second (VGA to UXGA)
  • Dual link operation up to 330 Megapixels per second
  • EDID reading/writing
  • 12-bit (½ pixel) DDR input with flexible input clocking: Single-clock/dual-edge or dual-clock/single-edge
  • I2C slave programming interface
  • Cable distance support: Over 10 m
  • Monitor detection through Hot-Plug
  • Compliant with DVI 1.0

The Bitec HSMC DUAL-LINK DVI output interface card enables designers to connect 2, high resolution displays. Based on the Silicon Image Sil1178, the daughtercard has two independat Dual-Link DVI transmitters both capable of up to 330 Mpps (QUXGA - 3200×2400) pixel rates.

The hsmc dvi daughter card also supports a serial eeprom for FPGA design security. Developers can distribute demonstrations of their IP locked to the hsmc bvdc card.