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Altera DE2 多媒體發展平台
Altera DE3 最新高速進階開發平台



The Altera DE3-150 Development and Education board allows researchers and engineers to access the world’s highest density and highest performance FPGA - the new Stratix III. Starting with the Stratix III 3SL150 (142K logic elements), DE3 is the perfect platform for creating your cutting edge design in programmable logic. The DE3-150 board can be stacked up to create a programmable fabric that is unequaled by anything other board system in the world.

Future DE3 boards will include the DE3-340 (338K logic elements) and the DE3-260 (254.4K logic elements) that is optimized with extra on-chip multipliers needed for DSP research and development. All of the DE3s can be stacked and all share the same set of function from the Terasic's daughter cards connected to them.

Multiple DE3s can be joined together to increase design gate count and performance.
Up to 10 DE3s can be stacked vertically where space is at a premium.
DE3s can also be arranged in a expanded flat pattern to accommodate additional daughter cards.

DE3 Board Layout and Components: