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  • Altera EP3C120F780 Development board
  • National Semiconductor's HSMC SDI video and clocking daughter card (SDALTEVK)
    • Supports SD, HD and 3G-SDI (SMPTE 259M-C, 292M, 424M)
    • LMH0344 Triple-rate SDI Adaptive Cable Equalizer
    • LMH0340 Triple-rate SDI Serializer with integrated cable driver
    • LMH0341 Triple-rate SDI deserializer with reclocked loop through
    • LMH1981 Multi-Format Video Sync Separator
    • LMH1982 Multi-Rate Video Clock Generator
    • DS90CP22 2x2 LVDS Crosspoint Switch
    • LP3878 Adjustable Low Noise LDO
    • LM20242 PowerWise Buck Regulator
  • Interfaces directly to the Altera Video and Image Processing (VIP) Suite
  • Collection of video reference designs

Bitec提供一個具有成本效益的開發包,以評估國家的3Gbps SDI子卡上Cyclone III C120的開發套件。這個工具包配備了100歐姆的終端電阻安裝在CIII開發工具包作為SDALTEVK子卡所需。