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Philips Nexperia-1500/1700 PCI(VCP-1500/1700)

VCP-1500/1700 Board

  • Philips Nexperia-1500/1700 PCI是為多媒體產品發展所設計,包含一個由Philips Nexperia-1500/1700 處理器構成的參考設計板 (Reference Design Board) ,包含安裝接線和技術文件。Philips Nexperia-1500/1700 DSP處理器繼承Philips TriMedia TM-1100 和TM-1300系列的影像處理器架構,並增加DSP的核心週邊裝置與處理速度,更增進其執行效能。

  • 它同時也包含軟體發展環境,此包羅廣泛的軟體使多媒體的應用程式得以在 Philips Nexperia-1500/1700架構下,利用 C/C++ 完全流暢的發展與最佳化。特別適合熟悉 DSP 和多媒體處理以及有 C 或 C++ 程式撰寫背景的工程師來使用。

  • 適合應用在影像聲音通訊多媒體數位DSP最佳發展工具即時處理。

  • The PNX1500/1700 processor families include these processors: PNX1500, PNX1502, PNX1520, PNX0190, PNX9520, PNX1700, and PNX1702.

VCP On-Board Features:

The VCP-1500/1700 boards provide on-board audio and video input/output capability. Additional audio/video I/O can be added using a standard daughter card (VCP-AVDC) or a custom daughter card of your own design.

  • Analog Video inputs: CVBS (PAL/NTSC) and S-video, using 9-bit ADCs (SAA7109 video codec).

  • Analog Video outputs: CVBS (PAL/NTSC), S-video, VGA, and Component (YPbPr) using 10-bit DACs (SAA7109 video codec).

  • Digital Video output: DVI (TFP410 Digital Transmitter).

  • Audio I/O: Stereo audio (UDA1380 audio codec) and S/PDIF.

  • Other I/O: 10/100 Ethernet, expansion connectors for A/V daughter card and for GPIO.

  • VCP-1500 Processor and Memory: 300 MHz PNX1502 processor. 128 MBytes 200 MHz DDR RAM

  • VCP-1700 Processor and Memory: 500 MHz PNX1702 processor. 128 MBytes 200 MHz DDR RAM.

Daughter Card Features (VCP-AVDC):

  • Video inputs: VGA and HDMI.

  • Output interface to parallel LCD panels.

  • Audio input — 8 channels in and 8 channels out (to implement 7.1 Surround Sound capability, for example).

  • VESA VIP-1 and VIP2 IDC connectors for input and output.