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DMCode - S(BL) plug-in for DMCD-Pro

DMCode - S(BL) 包含完整無刷馬達速度控制的原始碼 ,其中依照下列模式:

  • Trapezoidal mode (BLDC)
  • Sinusoidal mode (PMSM - vector control)

此外,對BLDCPMSM的控制模式有完整的原始碼應用。交流馬達是利用向量的方式控制,將位置信息交給編碼器,而直流馬達是利用 Hall sensors 所得到資料的再進行轉換。這些應用都是架構於 DMCD-Pro 的平台上,也可以利用C語言和組合語言來發展。其中PMSMBLDC依初學和進階而有不同的應用:

  • At beginner's level, these applications may be used in order to get acquainted with a digital motion control application by evaluating the effect of modifying the controller parameters or of different speed reference shapes.

  • At an advanced level, the user may add or replace in any of these applications certain blocks, like controllers and/or the reference generator functions, with his/her own algorithms. Thus, the user will be able to focus on the design of new control algorithms (position control, sensorless, adaptive, etc.)


   PMSM Scheme

  BLDC Scheme


這是一個進階套件,購買此套件前必需有:DSP board + PM50  power module + brushless motor + DMCD-Pro+ TI tools (C-Compiler, assembler and Linker).

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