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JTAGjet TMS-C2000 Emulator

Signum JTAGjet-TMS-C2000 is a small, palm-sized In-Circuit Debugger for the TMS320C2000 family of DSPs from Texas Instruments.  It is equipped with a USB 2.0 port (USB 1.1 compatible) that runs in the High-Speed mode at 480 Mb/sec.


JTAGjet-C2000 supports the following C2000DSP devices:





Hardware Features

Supports TI TMS320C24xx and F28xx DSPs.
  USB 2.0 high-speed port (480 Mbps) provides faster downloads.
  Programmable JTAG clock from 1KHz to 30 MHz.
  Supports all on-chip breakpoints and RTDX
  Powered by the USB port – no external power adapters needed.
  3 LEDs provide status of target power, JTAG activity, PC host activity and emulator power.
  Available opto-isolator JTAG adapter.


Software Features  

Supports Code Composer Studio 3.1 (or newer).

  Optional Flash Programmer utility (does not need CCS).
  Change JTAG clock even when the CCS is running.
  Detects and graphically shows all devices on the JTAG chain.
  Graphically monitors all pins on the JTAG header.
  Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 & 95 compatible.




完整支援Code Composer Studio開發環境  

JTAGjet-C2000 is fully compatible with Code Composer Studio 3.1 or newer. It installs directly into the Code Composer Studio directories and becomes visible as JTAGjet Emulator in the CCS Setup utility and preconfigured with many C2000 targets. Setting up to work with JTAGjet is just as easy as setting up a TI emulator – just drag and drop the preconfigured target and emulator configuration and start CCS.


JTAGjet-TMS supports variable JTAG clock. It defaults to 10 MHz, but may be set as low as 1 kHz (for slow FPGA prototypes or power saving devices) to 30 MHz to provide faster application downloads and quicker Flash programming.


JTAGjet-TMS comes with a detachable, active JTAG probe to better accommodate long scan chains and various JTAG pinout standards and low voltages. The standard probe comes with 14-pin XDS510 & XDS560 compatible header and supports targets from 3V to 5V. A low voltage probe is available as option for targets between 1.4V and 4.5V.