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TMS320C2000 Flash Programmer

Flasher-C2000 is a software utility that enables Signum JTAGjet emulators to program the on-chip Flash memory of the Texas Instruments C2000 DSP family  without  Code Composer Studio or special purpose software from other vendors.

The Signum flash programming software, or "flasher," offers two modes of operation:



 •  GUI Interface Mode
Command Line Mode


GUI Interface Mode

This mode displays a dialog box that enables the user to select the DSP to be programmed and set all the programming parameters in a well designed and  easy to understand format. This user interface (see the image on the right) is the same as that of the CCS Flash Programmer plug-in, which practically eliminates the learning curve for the users who are already familiar with the plug-in.

Command Line Mode

This mode of operation uses commands generated with the GUI interface or created by the user in the form of batch files to program the C2000 DSP. Since once set up, it does not require any software skills or DSP knowledge on the part of the operator, this mode is best suited to flash programming in an automated production environment. To program a large number of devices, the operator simply click an icon or executes a batch file that guides him or her through the entire process. Shown below is an example of the command to program a single TMS320F2808 device with the main.out image file.

    C> Flash2000 -use prg2808.txt -f main.out

In our example, all erase and programming parameters are stored in the prg2808.txt file.