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Visual Application Builder (VAB)
 VAB University (Infinity)Edition特別提供18章節的教學教材及280範例。

INFINITY Labs Table of Contents

1.Start Here
Intro to VAB 
DSP vs PC 
Testing a System
2.World of Modern Engineering
Demos 6
3.Creating Digital Music
Plots of Speech 
Sketch Wave
Generating Sines and Cosines 
Tuning Fork 
Plotting Cos 
Adding Cosines 
Touch Tone 
Setting up MIDI 
MIDI Player 
Build Sketch Wave 
MIDI Sketch Wave 
MIDI Sketch Wave Tuned 
Frequency Content  
4.Designing Digital Instruments
Hearing Frequency Range
Guitar String Model 
Digital Echo Generator
Digital Flanger 
Testing Gosney Speaker 
5.Making Digital Images
Image Quantization 
Image Sampling
Color Representation 
6.Math You Can See
Image Manipulation
Nonlinear Processing 
Coin Counter
Sock Matcher
Object Tracker 
7.Digitizing the World
Aliasing Sinusoids
8.Communicating with 1s and 0s
Audio Communication of Text
Effect of Weak Signals
Impact of Transmission Speed
Different Codes 
Music Receiver 
Multitone Audio Communication
Multitone Audio Communication 2
Serial Binary Audio Communication 
DTMF Audio Communication
Morse Code 
9.Networks and the Internet
Network Audio 
Network Data
Network Video 
10.Compressing Information
Sound Compression
Image Compression
File Compression
11.Correcting Digital Errors
See the Web
12.Keeping Data private
Pseudo Random Numbers
Secret Decoder
13.Digital Processing of Signals
Noise Cleanup
Hearing Aid
Echo Cancellation 
14.Communication Channels
Signal Detection 
Time Division Multiplexing 
Frequency Division Multiplexing
15.Wireless World
Radio Communication
17.Designing Networks
See the Web 
18.Hardware for Digital Storage
RAM Memory 
19.Hardware for Digital Imaging
See the Web

20.Advanced Designs
Audio Steganography 
Audio Watermarking  
Creating Your Own Images  
Hiding Your Data 
Network Audio 
Network Video 
Writing Sounds


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