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XDS560 Trace 除錯開發工具


Blackhawk™ 推出 XDS560 Trace 模組,這套以先進硬體為基礎的工具能讓開發人員找出他們過去無法看到、複雜、不定時出現和與操作環境有關的 (context-sensitive) 即時錯誤。Trace 還能讓開發人員精密調整複雜及容易受到切換動作影響 (switch-intensive) 的多通道應用,進而實現程式碼和快取效能最佳化。

XDS560 Trace 讓您集中全力開發獨特不同的明日產品,而不是把寶貴的時間和金錢浪費在尋找那些幾乎看不見的錯誤!       

To download data sheet information in PDF format, click here!


  • 以非侵入性方式蒐集各類資料,例如讀取位址、讀取資料、寫入位址、寫入資料以及相關程式位址

  • 偵測不定時出現的即時異常 (glitch)、事件競逐狀態 (race condition)、當機 (堆疊溢位)、失控程式碼 (runaway code) 和錯誤的中斷要求等

  • Code Composer Studio™ 整合開發環境的先進事件觸發功能 (AET) 完全整合

  • 程式碼與事件出現頻率的即時統計 (profiling)

  • 提供程式碼執行頻率統計、快取內容顯示和程式碼覆蓋率分析等功能,可精確快速分析程式碼

  • 支援 TMS320C641xTMS320C645xTMS320DM64x™ 處理器

  • Up to 333 MHz data rate (167 MHz dual edge clock)

  • High-speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec) host port interface


Basic Requirements:

The target DSP must support XDS560 trace. As of this product release, there are 17 TI catalog DSPs available that support the XDS560 Trace System. They are:

TMS320C6454   TMS320C6455   TMS320C6418 TMS320C6416T
TMS320C6416   TMS320C6415T  TMS320C6415 TMS320C6414T
TMS320C6414   TMS320C6413    TMS320C6412 TMS320C6411
TMS320C6410   TMS320DM643   TMS320DM642 TMS320DM641

Visit the TI Web Site to this list or contact TI for information on their trace-enabled DSP device roadmap.

Target boards with trace-enabled DSPs that are available today include:



TMS320C6416T DSK

60-pin, high-density target board connector :
In addition to selecting a DSP that support XDS560 Trace you will need to populate your target board hardware with the correct connector that supports the high-speed interface. This is a high-density connector available from SAMTEC and it only requires about the same PCB area as the standard TI 14-pin JTAG header. So fitting it into your board layout should not be a problem.
It is STRONGLY recommended that this connector be used in place of, and not in addition to a 14-pin JTAG connector so that signal integrity remains high to support the high-speed XDS560 Trace interface. 60 to 14-pin adapters are available to support debugging from conventional JTAG emulators.

Please link here for more info.

For more information on the new 60-pin connector and board layout considerations for these high-speed signals, please refer to the TI document, SPRU655.