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QEDesign 2000

        QEDesign系列中QEDesign 2000是功能最齊全的。這可以分別支援8,192個係數以下和160條命令的FIRIIR濾波器設計:等波也可支援8,192個係數以下。也包含了語言產生器。QEDesign 2000更支援匹配了IIR濾波器中的Z轉換設計,並且提供了IIR濾波器多項式等比例執行。


  • New Built-in C Code Generator New Texas Instruments TMS320C54X Code Generator
  • Improved Motorola DSP56301 Code Generator
  • New FLT files for unquantized coefficients.
  • System menu has been renamed to File Menu
  • New, enhanced View Menu
  • Form Conversions
  • Domain Conversions
  • Transfer Functions
  • New MATLAB Interface
  • All Code Generators now shipped with QED2000.
  • Enhanced look and feel of the GUI
  • Snap to grid has been added to the graphical zoom capability
  • Brand New Windows Specific Manual
  • Increased Filter Order
  • Higher filter orders - max of 99,999 taps
  • Additional group delay equalization methods
  • Command Line Interface - for repetitive design of many filters
  • Sinc and Comb filter compensation for IIR designs
  • Optimization of quantized FIR designs using noise shaping
  • Minimum phase FIR design
  • Linear programming design of FIR filters
  • COSSAP SPW Interface
  • Graphical zoom capability on all plots
  • Cursor readout for time domain plots
  • Additional IIR realization methods
  • Improved scaling operations for sum of second order section realization method