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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 TI DSPTI DaVinci EVM Prototyping Daughtercard w/connectors
TI DaVinci EVM Prototyping Daughtercard w/connectors
Product Description

The model LR-DAVPROTO1-1 is a general purpose prototyping board designed to mate with the Texas Instruments' TMDSEVM6446 DaVinci development board. The board is 9"x5.75", providing a generous area for custom prototyping work. An array of holes (0.035" diameter) on 0.1" spacing will accomodate thru-hole devices, as well as SMT adapters from companies such as Aries, Ironwood, etc. Between the gridded holes are buss traces with holes every half-inch or so. These holes fall in between the gridded holes, so as not to disrupt the continuous grid of 0.1" spaced holes.

For added value, six RCA jacks and four 3.5mm headphone jacks are included on the left edge of the board. These connectors are brought out to labeled holes on the proto board for easy wiring to any custom circuit the user may have.

At the ends of the busses are white writing pads, which can be used for buss labeling. A fine-point Sharpie pen is included with each prototype board.

TI DaVinci EVM Prototyping Daughtercard w/connectors - Click Image to Close