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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 TI DSP DVSPB
The Digital Video Software Production Bundle (DVSPB) is a software development kit designed to tune complex DaVinci ARM9-based digital video systems quickly and efficiently. The DVSPB significantly improves software integration and system visibility by incorporating tools such as the eXpressDSP™ Linux-based Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK), SoC Visual Analyzer and MontaVista Linux.

The DVSPB requires a target platform for DaVinci ARM9 based processors and should be used in conjunction with one of TI’s Digital Video Evaluation Modules (DVEVM).

Two versions of the Digital Video Software Production Bundle are available today:
  • Digital Video Software Production Bundle with MontaVista Pro Linux (TMDSDVSPBA9-L)
    • This version of the DVSPB is ideal for developers that just need MontaVista Linux or DSP customers that already have the Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) IDE and a standalone JTAG emulator
  • Digital Video Software Production Bundle with MontaVista Pro Linux, Code Composer Studio and a Spectrum Digital XDS560R USB emulator (TMDSDVSPBA9-3L).
    • This version of the DVSPB is for DSP+ARM developers that need Code Composer Studio™, an emulator and MontaVista Linux.

特性 :

The DVSPB includes:

  • MontaVista Linux Operating System (OS): The MontaVista Linux OS is a proven, system-tested Linux support package optimized for digital video applications. Included in the support package:
    • Annual subscription license and support for the MontaVista kernel plus DevRocket integrated development environment. All of which provide access to the industry’s vast store of Linux-based resources
    • CC ARM® tool chain components
    • The latest thread library support with POSIX compliance
    • Access for one year to the MontaVista Zone to download the newest device support libraries, MontaVista OS upgrades, updates and enhancements as they become available with each license
    • Support for all DaVinci ARM9-based processors
  • Linux-based eXpressDSP™ Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK): The DVSDK allows system integrators to incorporate discrete software modules and combine them into a single executable output for the systems, avoiding months of tedious manual integration. By making it easy to create custom bundles of codecs for specific applications, the configuration kit makes it simple to reuse code. The configuration kit integrates:
    • TI’s video, imaging, speech and audio codecs
    • Custom codecs that comply with TI’s eXpressDSP™ Digital Media (xDM) algorithm standard
    • TI’s Codec Engine framework
    • DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel
    • TI’s DSP/BIOS Link interprocessor communication technology
    • TMS320C6000™ Linux-hosted Code Generation Tools
  • SoC Analyzer: SoC Analyzer is a single graphical interface tool that provides complete system visibility enabling developers to identify bottlenecks that were previously impossible to identify. This tool is minimally invasive and aids in analyzing and identifying problems by capturing and graphically displaying:
    • System interaction
    • Load distribution
    • Bottlenecks in data throughput
    • And other types of problematic behavior

As the tasks run on DaVinci SoC devices, the analyzer captures and displays the data on a single timeline. This provides a complete system view of the application and eliminates the tedious process of manually collecting and comparing data on each core before optimization begins. What’s Included: The Digital Video Software Production Bundle with MontaVista Pro Linux (TMDSDVSDPA9-L) includes:

  • Production MontaVista Linux run-time target environment
  • One-year subscription for Dev Rocket IDE and MontaVista Zone access
  • MontaVista DaVinci ARM9-based processor LSP
  • eXpressDSP Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK)
  • eXpressDSP SOC Analyzer

The Digital Video Software Development Kit with MontaVista Pro Linux, Code Composer Studio and Spectrum Digital XDS560R Emulator (TMDSDVSPBA9-3L) includes TMDSDVSPBA9-L plus:

  • Code Composer Studio Platinum IDE with first year annual subscription
  • Spectrum Digital Inc. XDS560 High-Speed USB Emulator w/native 20 pin compact TI connector support