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DVPB-HD(High Definition Digital Video Processing Board )

      DVPB-HD 是架構在TI DM6467 DaVinci之下的一個快速的雛型設計平台。它支援MontaVista Linux 2.6.10版本及周邊介面,諸如Video & Audio I/O, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB2.0, VLYNQ, HDD, RTC, UART/IrDA/CIR, PCI 2.3, SPI and GPIO。

Software features

The software package enables developers re-target their applications developed on TI DM6467 DVM to DVPB-HD. It consists of:

  • U-Boot Bootloader

  • Test utilities (approximately 8) and sample codes

  • Demo application for 4 Channel Video/Audio Streaming

  • Optional Device Drivers and Firmware for the board


  • Low cost prototyping board based on DaVinci™ Technology - Reduces Hardware Design Efforts

  • Small Form Factor - Ideal for pre-production prototyping

  • Bundled with software package consisting of U-Boot bootloader, test utilities, and demo application - Easy to re-target applications

  • Support - Access to a team of eInfochips' DaVinci™ Technology experts to accelerate product development


  • TM320DM6467 DaVinci™ processorbased development board with MontaVista Linux 2.6.10 OS support

  • 4 channel SD or 1 channel HD or 1 channel HDMI through add-on card

  • Video Output - CVBS, HD Component and HDMI suport

  • Features Audio I/O, GbE, USB2.0, SPI,PCI, HDD (ATA/ATAPI - 6 Interface),VLYNQ, RS-232, RS-485, UART/IrDA,Wireless (optional), RTC, GPIO and JTAG(IEEE1149.1) Interfaces

  • Option for Video Input through BT1120/BT656 interface(選購)

  • Option for interfacing CCD/CMOS sensors for video input(選購)


  • DVPB-HD Board with Power Adapter, Cat5e/Cat 6 Cable

  • Optional 4 Channel SD, 1 Channel HD, 1 Channel HDMI(選購)

  • Software Package

  • User Guide & Technical Reference Manua