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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 TI DSPDVPB

    DVPB 是架構在TI DM6446 DaVinci™之下的一個快速的雛型設計平台。它支援各式常見的周邊介面,諸如Video & Audio I/O, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, VLYNQ, SD, HDD, RTC, IR and GPIO,並且適用於發展數位媒體之應用。此設計平台的目標在於發展智慧型監控攝影機、影像伺服器、視訊會議系統以及其他串流媒體的應用。

    DVPB包含了U-Boot bootloader、test utilities、其它demo應用的software package以及架構在DaVinci技術下的雛型發展應用軟體。此software package 也包含了支援H.264/MPEG4壓縮的監控系統DEMO程式,使用RTP/RTSP來播放視訊串流並即時顯示在web上。


Software features

The software package enables developers re-target their applications developed on TI DM6446 DVM to DVPB. It consists of:

  • U-Boot Bootloader
  • Test utilities and sample codes
  • Demo application for Surveillance System based on H.264/MPEG4
  • Optional Device Drivers and Firmware for the board


  • Low cost prototyping board based on DaVinci Technology - Reduces Hardware Design Efforts
  • Small foot-print - Ideal for pre-production prototyping
  • Bundled with software package consisting of U-Boot bootloader, test utilities, and demo application - Easy to re-target applications
  • eInfochips Support - Access to a team of eInfochips' DaVinci™ technology experts to accelerate product development


  • TI TMS320DM6446 SoC Based on DaVinci™ Technology
  • Features Video I/O, Audio I/O, Ethernet, USB, SD, RS232, RS485, ATA, IR, Wireless (Optional), RTC, GPIO and JTAG Interfaces
  • Option for interfacing CCD/CMOS sensors for video input
  • Onboard 128MB SDRAM and 64MB NAND Flash
  • RoHS complaint design and components
  • Bundled with software package to jump start your application development


  • Hardware:
    DVPB with cables, Power supply & Accessories
  • Software:
    1. Pre-loaded binary image of Monta Vista Linux kernel with device drivers for a all the interfaces
    2. Sample application source code for testing interfaces on board
    3. UBL & U Boot Bootloader
    4. Pre-loaded MPEG4 based streaming media demo application
  • Documents:
    User Guide & Tech Reference Manual