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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 TI DSP DM368

TI DaVinci TMS320DM368視訊處理器技術結合雙核心與硬體影像壓縮處理機制,可達HD的高效能網路視訊會議處理。直接符合客戶的終端設計需求。

Main Features: 

  • TI TMS320DM368 processor

  • Full-duplex H.264 encoder + decoder and G.711 audio

  • Scalability up to 720p30 with HW/SW compatible

  • Communication through Network

  • High-end noise filters enable better low light performance

  • Built-in advanced video processing: image stabilization, face detection/tracking

  • 內建更優秀的視訊處理:影像安穩化,臉面偵測/追蹤
    128MB DDRII and 16MB NOR Flash


  • Low electronics bill of materials

  • Short development cycle with:

  . Complete and optimized schematics

  . Gerber files

  . Free Linux application source code

  • Application layer available for complete customization

  • Video/Audio Codec configurable to meet specific system needs

  • Highly Integrated image sensor module

  • Application and Graphics overlay modification needed for system integration

  • Rich peripherals on communication board: JTAG, Serial, Network, Video and Audio

 The kit includes:

  • 2 x DM368 Main Board

  • 2 x OminiVision OV9712 modules, (Optional: Aptina MT9P031 CMOS sensor modules)

  • 4 x Microphones

  • 2 x Communication board

  • 2 x Serial Adapter Cable

  • 2 x +5VDC Power Adapter