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5M HD Camera Board

LI-5M011照相板是一個高解析度數位相機板。他內含Aptina 1/2.5-inch CMOS 數位圖片 感應器 MT9P031外加active imaging pixel array of 2592Hx1944VLI-5M01相機板能產生非常清晰清楚的數位圖片並且它是具有把連續視訊跟單一框架都捕捉的能力,這使它成為對於包括數位技術相機、數位視訊相機和監視相機等消費者電子產業應用的發展工具最佳選擇。               


  • 1/2.5-Inch 5-Megapixel CMOS High Definition Digital Imager

  • Active imaging pixels: 2592H x 1944V

  • Pixel Size: 2.2μm x 2.2μm

  • 12-bit Digital Output with Line and Frame Synchronization

  • Max Data rate: 96 Mega pixel Per Second

  • Support for 720p @ 60fps

  • Pixel Dynamic Range: 70.1dB at full resolution

  • Simple two-wire serial interface

  • Snapshot Triggering Input

  • Superior low-light performance

  • High frame rate

  • Low noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves CCD

image quality:

  • Direct interface to Aptina Development board

  • Direct interface to TI DM6446 Evaluation Module

  • Interface to TI DM355 Evaluation Module through the DM355 Adapter Board (LI-355A)

  • Interface to TI OMAP35x Evaluation Module through Mistral Daughter Card by a 26-pin ribbon cable

  • Flexible I/O voltage: 1.8V to 3.3V

  • High resolution lens

  • Free Linux driver for DM6446 and DM355


  • Digital Still Camera Development

  • Digital Video Camera Development

  • High Resolution Network Cameras

  • Digital PC Camera Development

  • High Definition Surveillance System Development

Interface with:

  • Aptina Demo2 Kit