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HOWTO - I have exceeded the number of blocks allowed for my environment.  Is there a way I can eliminate blocks to include others?

Some of the different editions of Hyperception's graphical design environments, i.e. the educational editions, have a limitation on the number of components that can be in the environment.  If you run into this limit by adding additional components, the software will warn you that you have reached the limit.

If you are still creating custom components that you want to use, you can still get add them to the environment by replacing components you do not use with the custom components you wish to add.

  1. From the Block Function Selector, select the components you wish to remove and click the "Remove Function" button.  For each component you remove, one spot is made available to add an additional component.  When a component is removed, it is not deleted from your hard drive, just removed from the list of available components.
  2. Add the component to the environment.  To do so, from the Blocks drop-down menu, select the Add New Block... option.  Select the DLL you wish to add and click Ok.

Note - By removing any of the default components, it is possible that some of the example worksheets or hierarchy components that use any of the removed components will report a missing component if loaded.  You can add the original components to the environment at any time using the above steps if you are at your block limit.  Otherwise, add the components using step 2 only.