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HOWTO - I lost my authorization code before completing a proper authorization of my product.  Where can I find it?

After completing the authorization form and the authorization web server has seen that you have authorizations available, you will be directed to a web page that shows you your authorization code.  If you fail to retain the authorization code, fear not - the authorization code still exists even if you failed to complete the authorization process through the authorization dialog box. 

A lost authorization code can result from several different scenarios:

  • Failed to copy down the authorization code
  • Closed the web browser before cutting and pasting the authorization code into the authorization dialog box
  • Did not use a legitimate email address

The first thing to do is to check your email.  One of the required fields in the form for obtaining an authorization code is an email address. After determining that an authorization is allowed, not only does the authorization web server show you in the authorization code on a web page, it also emails it to the email address you put in the form for your own records.  If you used your correct address, the authorization code is in your inbox.

If you did not use an accurate email address for yourself, you can still see the authorization code that was given to you.  Follow this link to go to a page that will assist you in finding your authorization code.  This help page is for those who successfully completed an authorization form.  If you did not successfully complete the form, you will not find an authorization code for your product ID.