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HOWTO - Authorizing Your Software

Authorization technology is a method developed by Hyperception for our graphical design environments to eliminate the "security button" that has been associated with our products in the past.  The "security button" kept multiple copies of Hyperception software from being used in a manner that was not compliant with a license agreement.  Multiple licenses meant multiple "security buttons" which could cause problems because the buttons were allergic to static electricity, they could be lost, etc.

Hypersignal software cannot be used on a system until it has been Authorized? An Authorization?is really just a practical method of software license control; for example, if you have purchased a 10-user license, then you have 10 authorizations, valid for installing and running on 10 different PCs.  Authorizing the software lowers the number of available licenses or authorizations?you have left by one. The authorized software will then run until you unauthorize?it, which would disable the unauthorized?software and increase your available authorizations by one.

Terms to be familiar with:

  • CD Key - the 25 character key appearing on the CD case or in the Quick Start Guide that your software was in.  Used at installation.
  • Product ID - the ID appearing in the authorization dialog box that you need for the authorization forms on the web site in order to acquire an Authorization Code
  • Authorization Code - the code provided to you by Hyperception's authorization web server after successfully completing an authorization form that allows your software to run

After installation, when first starting software that has not been previously authorized for use, an Authorization dialog box similar to the one below appears displaying a Product ID.


This Product ID is used in the appropriate authorization form to receive an Authorization Code.  The Authorization Code must then be entered in the Authorization dialog box to complete the Authorization process, after which, the software is Authorized and ready for use.

The easiest method to get to the correct authorization form is to click the "Authorize via Web" button.  This useful shortcut launches your browser to the correct form on Hyperception's authorization server and even fills in the Product ID field in the form for you!