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HOWTO - How do I debug the block I just created using the Microsoft Developer Studio (VC++ 5.0)?

Block Wizard is an excellent tool for taking full advantage of the open architecture of Hyperception's graphical design environments.  Building your own blocks, be they processing blocks, displays, instrumentation blocks, etc., might require some debugging if you through testing, you just are not getting the results you expect.  You can use the same Microsoft Developer Studio you used to build the block to debug the block.

First, compile a debug version of the block.  Within the compiler, start a debug session by going to the Build->Debug->Go menu command.  When prompted for the program to execute, browse to where the graphical design environment you are using is installed and select the appropriate executable.  Once the program starts, remove the existing block you are debugging from the Block Function Selector by using the "Remove Function" button (unless you are debugging the same block).  Next add your new block (the one with debugging code) into the function selector by selecting the Blocks->Add New Block command (within the Hypersignal environment), and point to the block in the debug directory (the directory the compiler placed the debug version of the block).  Then load or create a worksheet using the new block for appropriate testing.

Back in the C compiler, you can set break points, trace a line at a time, and whatever else is necessary to debug the block.