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Tips and Tricks - Can I send this worksheet and all its hierarchy files via e-mail?

At times when you are working on a project and you have a worksheet that you need some assistance in developing, you may want other engineers on your development team to help you or you may want some help from Hyperception's engineering staff.  The easiest way to get the worksheet out to whomever you are seeking assistance is via email.

If your MAPI client is properly setup, then you can use the File->Send to send to any address or File->Send to Tech Support to send the worksheet to Hyperception's Technical Support team.  Both of these commands will automatically attach the current worksheet and any hierarchy worksheets to the generated e-mail as attachments.  This saves you from the hassle of attaching a worksheet manually to and trying to remember if you have hierarchy blocks in the worksheet and where are they located and if they are attached to your email.