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EMP3530/03-SDK 媒介發展平台:

EMP3530/03-SDK 是對於單板媒介電腦EMP3530 和 EMP3503的發展工具。

EMP3530/03-SDK配備了最新 Linux 嵌入式OS對於OMAP3530操作系統的技術。他的硬體一體化了高產能ARM® CortexTM-A8 處理器和TMS320C64xTM DSP數位信號處理技術以及對於圖片,視訊和圖像的多媒介加速。這個媒介發展平台使用最優秀的ARM處理器以超越前一代運行ARM11 核心的2.8次運行。他提供最重要的技術優勢在視訊/圖片/音訊/編碼/解碼,視訊分析,圖片處理,聲音處理和有播放720p HD 視訊的能力。EMP3530/03-SDK 是被設計用來更簡單快速低發展對於EMP3530 和 EMP3503 單板媒介電腦程式應用。

LEOs®對於EMP3530/03-SDK 將會允許你更加簡單快速發展數位媒介應用。應用程式碼能夠藉由對於 EMP3530 的ARM + C64x DSP dual core 和對於EMP3503的ARM Cortex A8 single core 的APIs使用簡單的存取就能加以寫出。



  • TI OMAP3530 Dual Core processor with ARM Cortex-A8 and C64X+ DSP 600MHz processor (fanless)


  • 256MB NAND Flash

  • Digital DVI-D video out for High Definition Display Panel convertible to HDMI with optional adapter cable (display resolution up to 720p)

  • Component video out (display resolution up to 720p)

  • Analog Composite video out (NTSC/PAL)

  • Stereo speaker output or Audio line out (using jumper)

  • SD card slot

  • 10/100 Ethernet port (RJ45)

  • SATA hard drive supported with internal USB to SATA controller

  • IR motion sensor

  • Real Time clock with coin cell battery backup

  • RS232 port

  • PCB dimensions: 150mm X 190mm

Options of expansion board (sold separately):

  • 1 USB wireless comm port (choice of USB WiFi or 3.5G GSM modem)*

  • Up to 8 USB ports for connection to USB RFID readers


  • LEOs® Linux Embedded OS onboard

  • Codecs available (licensing required)

  • LEOs® Media Player 1.0 Engine (licensing required)


  • LEOs® for OMAP3

For availability of other supported OS:

  • Windows CE

  • Android


  • LEOs® for EMP3530/03-SDK operating software pre-loaded

  • LMP1.0 (LEOs® Media Player) engine – Allows developer to develop their own stylized media player interface running LMP1.0 media player engine

  • OSD – Native TI OMAP35x On Screen Display (OSD) functions are fully supported with enhanced X server

  • GTK+ 2.x – Ready to use graphical toolkit that boots cross platform compatibility graphical user interface

  • Eclipse/GDB – Ready to use embedded IDE with debugger

  • OProfile – Ready to use system-wide profiler for Linux

  • Banner and ticker – Functions of banner and ticker are available

  • EMP3530 Single Board Media Computer

  • EMP3530-SDK CD

  • EMP3503-SDK CD

  • Quick Start Guide

  • End User License Agreements

  • Cable set/AC adapter