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首頁 實驗模組 多重路徑通道衰弱模擬儀

Model 42010多重路徑通道衰弱模擬儀

主 要 特 色

System Features:
  • 800MHz to 2.5GHz operation frequency
  • Dual channels with customer specified correlation factor on Rayleigh and Lognormal (0 ~1.0 with 0.1 increment)
  • Rayleigh plus Lognormal fading channels up to fd = 400Hz selectable fast fading rate and corresponding slow fading rate 1/50,1/100, 1/200, 1/400 @ fd )
  • Input signal level: -10 ~ - 45 dBm
  • Insertion loss: 28dB

Applications: Fading effects measurements

  • Evaluation of modulated Audio/video quality through fading effects;(modulation accuracy)
  • Performance of Mobile Radio Transceiver design; Frequency Deviation, ACLR, EVM (Error Vector Magnitude), Receiver Sensitivity
  • Bit Error Rate (BER) measurements under multipath channel
  • Antenna diversity (transmit diversity, receive diversity), Beamforming, Array antenna, Space division multiplexing (SDM)
  • Performance evaluations of modulation Techniques and channel coding schemes
  • Signaling procedure of Basestation to Mobile/ Mobile to Basestation; Hand-over time measurement, Power control algorithm design

Systems available using MFCS applications:

  • WiFi (WLAN), GSM, WCDMA, cdma2000, OFDM/WiMAX, Ultra-wideband (UWB), MIMO (Channel matrix 2x2), and other wireless products designs

System Features:

    Parameters selectable by the user include:

  • The fading frequency of the Rayleigh component
  • The fading frequency of the lognormal component
  • The standard deviation of the lognormal component
  • The cross-correlation between the two Rayleigh components
  • The cross-correlation between the two lognormal components


The Chroma 42010 is a dual-channel multipath fading simulator that accurately reproduces conditions in which frequency-selective effects are not significant. In other words it simulates channels that are commonly termed narrowband. However, the frequency-selective fading with standard time-delay spread for WCDMA/ cdma2000 and GSM (6~12 tapped delays) are also available upon request. The simulator is capable of generating signals with both Rayleigh and lognormal fading components and offers an exceptional degree of flexibility and simplicity in selecting the required channel parameters.

The MFCS 42010 has been adopted up-todate technologies that makes it simple to test a full range multi-mode handset through the user defined RF scenarios, especially for smartphone calibration tests.

This product can fully support WiMAX mobile performing the simulations for 1 x 2 SIMO antenna design over 1.25MHz-10MHz band width with Jakes multipath fading channel.

The incorporation of both Rayleigh and lognormal fading makes the Chroma 42010 ideally suited for measuring the effects of multipath propagation and co-channel interference and for testing the effectiveness of micro and macro diversity systems. Expandable wideband channel models can be characterized for Rake receiver, MIMO multiple antennas, and beamforming system designs. The instrument replicates real-world conditions, making it possible to validate performance issues early in the development and design cycle, and calibration tests in the production line.