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MRF1611CC1100 RF模組

HMRF1611 RF實驗擴充板
  • Self-contained 915 MHz RF packet radio, with reprogrammable MSP430F1611.
  • 4 user LEDs.
  • Up to 36 user IOs available at 50-mil sockets.
  • Support for SMA, MCX, and MMCX antennae.
  • 32 kHz watch crystal on XT1.
  • Optional HC49US footprint on XT2, with capacitors suitable for 18pF operation.
  • 100k 1% ROSC for up to 8MHz operation via the internal DCO.
  • Sample code for packet-based transfers.
  • Access to JTAG and BSL functionality.
  • On-board analog supply conditioning.
  • 50 mil headers for connection of MRF1611 RF modules.
  • All available MRF1611 port pins exposed at headers.
  • Prototyping area.
  • Optional BRS232 footprint for RS232 communication.
  • 2x AAA power supply via TPS60210.
  • Optional lab power input via terminal block.
  • JTAG+ header for programming and optional BSL access.
  • I2C header with optional 10k pullups.
  • VeREF+ and VeREF- conditioning with 4.7uF caps.
  • 4 user switches.
  • 50k potentiometer for analog experimentation.

DZMD1612 RF模組

  • 915 MHz operation with ZMD44102 from ZMD.
  • Hosts Zigbee software 4-node stack from Airbee Wireless.
  • Available with MSP430F1611 (DZMD1611) or MSP430F1612 (DZMD1612).
  • Discounted pricing for dual (DZMD161xX2) or quad (DZMD161xX4) bundles.
  • Powered from terminal block or dual AAA supply using the TPS60210.
  • RS232 interface via MAX3221.
  • 4-pin I2C header.
  • 50k potentiometer for analog experimentation.
  • 14-pin JTAG+ programming header, with optional bootloader mode.
  • All port pins available at headers.
  • 2 user LEDs and 2 user switches.
  • Powered prototyping areas.
  • PCB antenna standard, SMA antenna available as a user-populated option.
  • 32kHz crystal populated on X1.

參考書目 :

  • Supports one full-handshaking or two Tx/Rx ports 


  • Contains many sample applications for the MRF1611CC1100
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9754759-0-4
  • ISBN-10: 0-9754759-0-8
  • Demonstrates point-to-point and star networks.
  • Exercises the most popular features of the CC1100
  • Companion guide for the MRF1611CC1100 demo firmware
  • Includes API reference for the MRF1611CC1100 licensed library