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首頁 晶片設計EDA Impulse Accerated Technologies CoDeveloper for Altera
Impulse C-to-FPGA 發展工具 (For Altera)
Impulse CoDeveloper for Altera FPGAs
Impulse CoDeveloper™  for Altera supports Altera FPGAs and embedded processor platforms and tools. CoDeveloper is compatible with Altera Quartus™  and SOPC Builder™ .

Altera Nios II Development Board, Stratix II Edition


Use Impulse CoDeveloper for Altera to:

  • Create FPGA hardware IP modules, ready for synthesis using Altera Quartus
  • Create accelerated Nios II processor peripherals, ready for use with Altera SOPC Builder
  • Create accelerated high performance computing applications, using Altera-based FPGA computing platforms.