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Hunt 高階的FPGA組合套餐

RTG005 - USB主板連接FPGA 和PowerPC Image Processing System

  • CameraLink base connection for image capture from camera

  • User programmable Xilinx XC4VFX12 FPGA with embedded PowerPC

  • 128 Mbytes of DDR SDRAM connected as 32Mx32 @ 200Mhz

  • 16Mbytes of FLASH memory for PowerPC code storage

  • Hi Speed (480Mbits/sec) USB 2.0 connection to a host PC.

  • Can be used as a stand alone board for embedded systems.

  • FPGA can be configured via USB, Xilinx JTAG cable or from on-board PROM

  • Single 5V power supply required – 20W mains Power Supply Unit included

  • HUNT ENGINEERING Host API supported for Windows 2000 and XP and Linux – FPGA and DSP loading, resetting and data exchange all performed with simple to use software interface.



     The RTG005 is a self contained FPGA system with a CameraLink connection. This, along with the provided examples, provides an ideal starting point for developing image processing systems. The FPGA contains an embedded PowerPC processor so your system can be realised with a combination of hardware processing programmed in VHDL and software processing programmed in C.
    There is a 128Mbyte DDR memory that can be used for code storage as well as for frame storage. VHDL support is provided allowing access to this DDR memory from the Embedded PowerPC processor AND your VHDL design at the same time



  • Xilinx XC4VFX12, Virtex-II Pro FPGA logic with PowerPC hard core

  • With no heatsink fitted (standard) the FPGA can dissipate 2.4 Watts at 50deg C ambient temperature.

  • The power circuits are capable of delivering more than this, so a heatsink may be required for your design.

  • If that is the case a larger 5V Power Supply Unit may also be necessary


  • DDR SDRAM 128Mbytes organised as 32M x 32 at 200Mhz

  • Flash 16Mbytes - byte wide

Host Bus

       USB 2.0 capable of up to 50Mbytes/second dependent on host PC and USB configuration.

Maximum Dimensions:

       160mm x 110mm x 21mm.

Power requirements

  • 5V Max: 1.55A plus the power taken by the FPGA. Typ: 1.15A plus FPGA

  • The Mains Power Supply Unit included can supply up to 4A, which is enough to power an FPGA
    design that is less than the 2.4W bare package maximum dissipation.