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AccelWare DSP Block Libraries


AccelWare 能夠使用現有的 MATLABAccelWare是把應用以參數化表示 ,AccelWare也將許多種類的DSP整合起來為目標。


Signal Processing Library

Communications Library

Signal Processing Library

Basic Operators
name description
aw_sin Sine function
aw_cos Cosine function
aw_tan Tangent function
aw_arctan Arc-tangent function
aw_exp Exponential
aw_log Natural logarithm
aw_vco Voltage controlled oscillator
aw_abs Absolute value and complex magnitude
aw_sum Sum of an array of elements
aw_cumsum Cumulative sum along different dimensions of an array
aw_max Maximum value of a vector
aw_min Minimum value of a vector
aw_round Round to nearest integer
aw_mod Modulus division
aw_rem Remainder after division
aw_convergent Round to nearest integer (even integer for ±0.5 case)
aw_fix Round towards zero
aw_ceil Round towards +infinity
aw_floor Round towards -infinity
aw_dcoffset_correct Removes DC bias from the input sequence
aw_polyval Returns the value of a polynomial of degree n evaluated at a point
aw_sqrt Square root


Filters - Complex Pulse Shaping

name description
aw_pulse_shaper2x Programmable coefficient pulse shaping with fixed 2x interpolation.
aw_pulse_shaper2x_fx Fixed coefficient pulse shaping with fixed 2x interpolation.
aw_pulse_shaper Programmable coefficient pulse shaping with programmable interpolation.
aw_pulse_shaper_fx Fixed coefficient pulse shaping with programmable interpolation.

Filters - FIR - Adaptive
name description
aw_lmsfir Real valued adaptive FIR filter.

Filters - FIR - General Purpose
name description
aw_filter Fixed coefficient FIR filter
aw_fir_cmplx Complex, programmable coefficient FIR filter.
aw_fir_fx Fixed coefficient FIR filter.
aw_fir_cmplx_fx Complex, fixed coefficient FIR filter.

Filters - FIR - Linear Phase
name description
aw_lpfir Programmable coefficient linear phase FIR filter.
aw_lpfir_cmplx Complex, programmable coefficient linear phase FIR filter.
aw_lpfir_fx Fixed coefficient linear phase FIR filter.
aw_lpfir_cmplx_fx Complex, fixed coefficient linear phase FIR filter.

Filters - FIR - Polyphase
name description
aw_fir2x Programmable coefficient 2-phase (even/odd) FIR filter.
aw_fir2x_fx Fixed coefficient 2-phase (even/odd) FIR filter.
aw_polyfir Programmable coefficient polyphase FIR filter.
aw_polyfir_fx Fixed coefficient polyphase FIR filter.

Filters - Fractional Sample Delay
name description
aw_fsd Fractional sample delay filter.

Filters - IIR
name description
aw_iir_biquad Programmable coefficient IIR 2nd order section.
aw_iir_biquad_fx Fixed coefficient IIR 2nd order section.
aw_iir_lpf Multiplierless 1st order IIR low pass filter section.

Filters - Multi-Rate
name description
aw_interp2x Fixed 2x interpolation filter with even/odd output.
aw_nonint_interp Programmable, non-integer interpolation filter.
aw_dec2x Fixed 2x decimation filter with even/odd output.
aw_nonint_dec Programmable, non-integer decimation filter.
aw_rrsdec Programmable accumulate and dump (sinc) decimation filter.
aw_rrsdec_fx Fixed accumulate and dump (sinc) decimation filter.

Filters - Other
name description
aw_cicinterpolate Cascaded Integrator-Comb (CIC) interpolation filter
aw_cicdecimate Cascaded Integrator Comb (CIC) decimation filter
aw_firhalfband Half-band FIR filter
aw_rcosfir Root-Raised Cosine (RRC) filter

Statistical Signal Processing
name description
aw_corrcoef Cross-correlation coefficients.
aw_cov Covariance function.
aw_xcorr Cross-correlation function.

Symbolic Math
name description
aw_angle Phase angle for complex number
aw_conj Complex conjugate
aw_eig Eigenvalue
aw_svd Singular value decomposition
aw_dot Scalar product of two vectors

name description
aw_fft Fixed length fast Fourier transform.
aw_fft_prog Programmable length fast Fourier transform.
aw_ifft Fixed length inverse fast Fourier transform.
aw_ifft_prog Programmable length inverse fast Fourier transform.
aw_fft_rad4 Programmable length radix-4 fast Fourier transform.
aw_ifft_rad4 Programmable length radix-4 inverse fast Fourier transform.
aw_fft2 2D fixed length fast Fourier transform.
aw_fft2_prog 2D programmable length fast Fourier transform.
aw_ifft2 2D fixed length inverse fast Fourier transform.
aw_ifft2_prog 2D programmable length inverse fast Fourier transform.
aw_conv Convolution and polynomial multiplication.
aw_fastconv Fast convolution (frequency domain filter).
aw_hilbert Hilbert transform.
aw_dct8x8 Fixed 8x8 discrete cosine transform.
aw_idct8x8 Fixed 8x8 inverse discrete cosine transform.
aw_dct Programmable discrete cosine transform.
aw_idct Programmable inverse discrete cosine transform.


Communications Library

Adaptive Equalizers
name description
aw_fse Fractionally spaced, complex adaptive equalizer.


name description
aw_rsenc Reed Solomon/BCH encoder [datasheet]
aw_rsenc_prog Programmable code parameter {N,K,t} Reed-Solomon/BCH encoder.
aw_convenc Convolutional encoder [datasheet]
aw_rsdec Reed-Solomon/BCH decoder [datasheet]
aw_rsdec_prog Programmable code parameter {N,K,t} Reed-Solomon/BCH decoder.
aw_vitdec Viterbi decoder [datasheet]


name description
aw_convintlv Convolutional interleaver
aw_convintlv_prog Programmable depth convolutional interleaver
aw_convdeintlv Convolutional deinterleaver
aw_convdeintlv_prog Programmable depth convolutional deinterleaver


Numerically Controlled Oscillators
name description
aw_nco Numerically controlled oscillator
aw_nco2x Numerically controlled oscillator outputting 2 samples per clock.


name description
aw_polyeval Programmable order complex polynomial evaluator.
aw_curvefit Programmable order complex polynomial curve fit.
aw_linearity_error Compute complex linearity error metric.
aw_cmplx_mag Compute magnitude of complex number.


Quadrature Modulation
name description
aw_quadmod2x Programmable IF passband quadrature modulator.
aw_phase_splitter2x Real to I-Q complex quadrature demodulator and fixed 2x decimation.
aw_ phase_splitter Real to I-Q complex quadrature demodulator with no decimation.


name description
aw_iess310 IESS-310 compliant bit serial scrambler/de-scrambler.
aw_iess310_byte Enhanced IESS-310 compliant byte-wide scrambler/de-scrambler.
aw_scram16 Custom 16-bit wide scrambler/de-scrambler.
aw_mcns_byte MCNS/J.83 compliant byte-wide scrambler/de-scrambler.


Symbol Decision
name description
aw_slicer QPSK-256QAM slicer


name description
aw_clk_recovery Spectral line algorithm for digital clock recovery
aw_clk_lockdetect Clock lock detector
aw_carr_recovery Digital phase detector and complex phase rotator
aw_carr_lockdetect Carrier lock detector
aw_carr_false_lockdet Carrier false lock detector
aw_cma_lockdetect Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA) lock detector


Trellis Coders
name description
aw_tcm_encode Programmable rate (k-1)/k or (2k-1)/2k trellis encoder.
aw_tcm_decode Programmable rate (k-1)/k or (2k-1)/2k trellis decoder.
aw_tcm_decode_j83b J.83 annex B compliant trellis decoder.