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首頁 DSP應用 影像處理 NDK-2
NDK-2 (Nexperia Software Developers Kit)



        Philips Nexperia Developers Kit (NDK, 或稱 SDE or Software Development Environment) 提供一個最佳化的 C/C++ 編譯器; libraries of I/O 裝置驅動函式庫和應用模組; 和提供容易可再度使用軟體模組的高階開發環境架構. 此編譯器包含一個scheduler 可產生efficient code 利用 TriMedia parallel VLIW 結構; 和可直接使用C的平行指令. NDK 也包含程式碼效能分析工具.

GUI based debugger



  • 最佳化的 C/C++ 編譯器
  •  I/O函式庫和裝置驅動程式
  • 高等軟體架構
  • 提供可多次使用軟體模組
  • 程式碼效能分析
  • 客製化操作
  • 包含 pSOS+ 即時操作系統

Included libraries

  • Audio Digitizer
  • Audio Renderer
  • SPDIF Renderer
  • TTI Infra :
    • Dvpdebug
    • Tmosal
    • Tmreg
    • Tmutil
    • Ttiutil
  • TTI Infra Memory Management:
    • Tmml
  • Host Side Kernel Driver for Win2000/Win98/WinNT
  • Host Side User Level API
  • Image Load Utility
  • RPC Server
  • C Runtime Server
  • Graphical TriMedia Monitor
  • Console TriMedia Monitor
  • Command-line download/run Utility
  • Multiprocessor version of Tmrum
  • Target Side Driver
  • Clock Library
  • TSSA Defaults Library
  • File Reader
  • File Writer
  • Video Digitizer
  • Video Renderer
  • In-Place Packet Copier
  • Packet Copier Component
  • Raw Video Digitizer
  • Raw Video Out
  • ICP Driver
  • Software Timer

Included Examples:

  • ExolMpeg4 (requires installation of the Mpeg4 Disc)
  • ExolDemuxMpegPs (requires installation of the Basic Decoders + Dolby Disc)
  • ExolDemuxMpegTs (requires installation of the Basic Decoders + Dolby Disc)
  • ExolDemuxDv (requires installation of the Basic Decoders Disc)

There are also four additional Philips library CDs available for purchase along with the NDK. These libraries include MPEG2 audio/video decoder, MPEG2 video encoder, Dolby AC3, and MPEG4 video decoder. Please see the library page for a complete list. In addition to the Philips libraries other 3rd party libraries are available, please see the library page for more information.

The NDK 2.2 SP2.1 disc provided by MDS includes an evaluation version of FUSION NET with TCP/IP, DHCP client, and DNS resolver. This version is for evaluation only, the proper license must be obtained from MDS prior to using FUSION NET in your products.