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Moonlight MPEG2 Encoder
  • Profile and LevelUp to Main Profile @ Main Level.

  • Available Bit Rates Up to 6Mbps

  • GOP StructureUser defined

  • Resolution CIF Half-D1 Square pixel Full-D1

  • Preprocessing (Helper Code Included) Color ConversionDynamic Filtering and Deinterlacing

  • Shot Detection (Scene Change) (API Toggable)

  • Motion Estimation EngineCoherent Motion Vectors based on Moonlight patent-pending algorithm

  • Rate Control Advanced compression method that solves the rate control limitations.
                          Based on Moonlight patented algorithm.

  • Special Modes Surveillance: I-frame only, low frame rate (enable low latency)

  • Chroma Format 4:2:0

Please note that though the Nexperia chip supports both big and little endian modes of operation, all libraries are designed for little endian operation.

For the pnx1300, order part number MC-TS20 for just the encoder, or MC-TS29 for a combined decoder and encoder package. For the pnx1500, order part number MC-NS20 for just the encoder, or MC-NS29 for a combined decoder and encoder package.