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MPEG-2 transport stream demultiplexer software library module


  • The MPEG-2 transport stream demultiplexer library receives a single MPEG-2 transport stream at a time. A transport stream consists of fixed length packets of 188 bytes. Each packet has a header that contains, amongst others, a sync byte, an error indicator, and a Packet Identifier (PID) that identifies the stream to which the packet belongs. The demultiplexer scans the incoming transport stream for the sync byte and then starts decoding the stream. The demultiplexer can extract pids and send them to queues.


  • MPEG-2 transport stream demultiplexing
  • compatible with TriMedia Software Development Environment
  • supported by pSOS+ real-time operating system
  • can be demonstrated on TM-1300 IREF board


  • MPEG-2 allows real time audio to be compressed for transmission.