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Dolby Prologic decoder software library module


  • The Dolby Pro Logic decoder library supports decoding of surround audio using the Dolby Prologic standard. Dolby Prologic Surround is an audio coding technique that enables the transmission and storage of multichannel audio in a stereo-compatible way. This is achieved by a mix of four channels into two at the encoder side. As a result, the Pro Logic encoded audio can be listened to whether a Pro Logic decoder is present or not. This is not the case for digitally compressed audio like MPEG or AC-3 (Dolby Digital). In such cases a decoder is required for listening to the audio.


  • Dolby Prologic audio surround decode
  • optional autobalance control
  • 'wide surround' mode 
  • compatible with TriMedia Software Development Environment
  • supported by pSOS+ real-time operating system


  • Dolby Pro Logic Surround is widely used for VHS cassettes, laser disks, PC games and TV applications. It allows for movie theatre 3D sound positioning in a home environment. Dolby Pro Logic Surround will continue to play an important role in the future even though the digital compression algorithms like AC-3 and MPEG multichannel provide a better channel separation and require less transmission bandwidth. AC-3 for instance explicitly supports a special Pro Logic two channel coding mode and it is a requirement for certain AC-3 decoder products to be capable to decode Pro Logic as well.