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Motion JPEG decoder software library module


  • The motion JPEG decoder library implements standard JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format File), Motion JPEG format A (MJPEG-A) and Motion JPEG format B (MJPEG-B) decoding for baseline sequentially encoded frames. Motion JPEG A adds a new application marker ID.
  • Motion JPEG (MJPEG) is an implementation of JPEG for a sequence of video frames.


  • motion JPEG video decoding
  • compliant with ISO JPEG specification
  • standard JFIF markers (JPEG file interchange format)
  • new application marker called APP1 (id=“ff e1”)
  • LossyJPEG compression
  • bit stream from input images with 8-bit precision
  • monochrome and YCbCr image formats (4:2:2 and 4:1:1 ).
  • compatible with TriMedia Software Development Environment
  • supported by pSOS+ real-time operating system
  • can be demonstrated on TM-1300 IREF board


  • Unlike MPEG video compression, motion JPEG does not depend on inter-frame differences and so is suitable for applications where multiple video sources are interleaved (for example multiplexed security cameras).