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2D graphics and text software library module


  • The 2D Graphics Library draws 2D lines, points, text, rectangles and polygons on a buffer that the user passes in. It is compliant with TriMedia Software Architecture (TSA).
  • The 2D Graphics Library is decoupled from the hardware, hence, it does not have an instance setup function. It renders on the packet buffer passed in from the user. It supports eight buffer types: YUV422 planar, video-overlay sequence, DTVCM-YUV422 planar, DTVCM-overlay sequence, YUV422 planar with 4-bit alpha, RGB888, RGB565, and RGB555A.


  • draws 2D lines and points
  • renders rectangles and polygons
  • generates text fonts
  • compatible with TriMedia Software Development Environment
  • supported by pSOS+ real-time operating system
  • can be demonstrated on TM-1300 IREF board


  • The 2D graphics and text library can be used to create on-screen menus, labelling and video masks.