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DMCD - Digital Motor Control Developer(DMCD-Lite & DMCD-Pro) 
Windows IDE motion development & debugging software
  • Fully integrated DSP software development for the TMS320F24x/F28x DSP controllers.
  • Incorporated Debugger
  • Watch Windows
  • Memory and I/O registers view/modify
  • Integrated source code editor with powerful programming options
  • Project Management System
  • Tracing Module (DMCD-Pro only)
  • Reference Generator Module (DMCD-Pro only)
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Fully integrated DSP software development environment
  • Its familiar environment and DSP-specific functionality enables a short learning curve, to get you started quickly
Incorporated Debugger
  • Allows you to quickly observe/edit global variables during the debugging process
  • You can set breakpoints, single stepping, stopping and continuing  of the current program.

Watch Windows
  • You can quickly observe/edit global variables during the debugging process
  • You can view/edit both data and program memory contents of the DSP target board
  • The Disassembly window contains the disassembled instructions along with symbolic information needed for effective debugging
  • You can view/edit I/O and internal registers of the DSP processor

Integrated source code editor with powerful programming options

  • Each file has its own window and you can edit several views of the same file
  • Advanced search and replace mechanism
  • Syntax coloring for C and ASM (TI's assembly syntax is also supported)
  • Bookmarks management
Project Management System
  • The system provides an effective way of quickly visualizing, accessing, and manipulating all the project files and their dependencies
  • The result is a concise, highly organized project management system that promotes a very efficient development process.

Tracing module

  • The system provides an advanced graphical tool for the analysis and evaluation of motion control applications
  • The program variables may be stored during the real-time execution of the motion, and then up-loaded and visualized in the graphical environment


  • This module allows you to use external module functions into your DSP applications. Basically, you may select one or more external modules from a list containing all available external modules.
  • If the reference generator plug-in is included in your application, you may define the motion reference at a high level, in DMC Developer, then download and execute it automatically on the DSP board.
Technical Information
  • This program is written using Visual C++ development environment (MFC technology). It's a 32-bit application.