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  • SPEEDY-33 DSP是使用德州儀器 VC33 DSP 晶片,其中SPEEDY-33 DSP包含 34kW 內部記憶體、252kW外部記憶體、512kW快閃記憶體和CompactFlash 記憶體介面。

  •  16位元,48kHz立體音的 A/DD/A轉換器。

  •  內建麥克風和line-leve

  •  內建LED的輸出和指撥開關的輸入介面。

  •  USB周邊介面和USB主機端介面。

  •  數位 I/O擴充糟(8輸入、8輸出)

  •  可以增加其它類比I/O充子卡的標準充糟。

Hyperception SPEEDY-33 DSP 是有高效能表現並可在短時間內用直接的觀念完成信號處理的程式設計的獨立作業的硬體。可以輕易的把生活上許多重要類比信號處理的應用,使用德州儀器的 VC33 DSP 來完成。

SPEEDY-33 DSP 可以輕易的利用 Hyperception 圖形化 DSP 設計軟體 (VAB) 設計較高階的程式,這程式設計的環境可以設計、觀察、分析和執行來自 SPEEDY-33 DSP 所傳來的信號,而不用使用 C 語言或組合語言。

SPEEDY-33 DSP 規格描述:

High-Performance Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor (DSP):
13-ns Instruction Cycle Time
150 Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second (MFLOPS)
75 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)
34K × 32-Bit (1.1-Mbit) On-Chip Words of Dual-Access Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM)
Configured in 2 × 16K plus 2 × 1K Blocks to improve Internal Performance
x5 Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Clock Generator
Very Low Power: < 200 mW @ 150 MFLOPS
32-Bit High-Performance CPU
16-/32-Bit Integer and 32-/40-Bit Floating-Point Operations
4 Four Internally Decoded Page Strobes to Simplify Interface to I/O and Memory Devices
Boot-Program Loader
EDGEMODE Selectable External Interrupts
32-Bit Instruction Word, 24-Bit Addresses
Eight Extended-Precision Registers
Fabricated Using the 0.18-um (leff-Effective Gate Length) TImeline™ Technology by Texas
Instruments (TI)

On-Chip Memory-Mapped Peripherals:
One Serial Port
Two 32-Bit Timers
Direct Memory Access (DMA)
Coprocessor for Concurrent I/O and CPU Operation
164-Pin Low-Profile Quad Flatpack (HFG Suffix)
144-Pin Non-hermetic Ceramic Ball Grid Array (CBGA) (GNM Suffix)
Two Address Generators With Eight Auxiliary Registers and Two Auxiliary Register Arithmetic
Units (ARAUs)
Two Low-Power Modes
Two- and Three-Operand Instructions
Parallel Arithmetic/Logic Unit (ALU) and Multiplier Execution in a Single Cycle
Block-Repeat Capability
Zero-Overhead Loops With Single-Cycle Branches
Conditional Calls and Returns
Interlocked Instructions for Multiprocessing Support
Bus-Control Registers Configure Strobe-Control Wait-State Generation
1.8-V (Core) and 3.3-V (I/O) Supply Voltages