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List of Application Notes for Products from Hyperception

APPLICATION NOTE (P/N and brief description)

HSAP2010 Blackman-Tukey Spectral Estimator
HSAP2011 Hilbert Transform Design with Hypersignal Block Diagram/RIDE
HSAP2020 IIR Chebyshev Lowpass Filter Design
HSAP2021 Lowpass Filter Implementation
HSAP2022 Adaptive Filter Implementation - Method 1
HSAP2023 Adaptive Filter Implementation - Method 2
HSAP2030 Double-Sideband Modulation
HSAP2031 Costas Loop Implementation with Hypersignal Block Diagram
HSAP2032 Signal Manipulation in the Frequency Domain
HSAP2035 QPSK Modem Design with Hypersignal Block Diagram
HSAP2036 File-based Processing with Hypersignal Block Diagram/RIDE
HSAP2037 Using PC Sound Cards for Real-time Speech Processing
HSAP2038 Speech Recognition Example with Hypersignal Block Diagram/RIDE
HSAP2040 Open-Loop Control System
HSAP2041 Closed-Loop Control System
HSAP2042 Deadbeat Controller
HSAP2050 Automatic C Code Generation from a Graphical Design
HSAP2060 DTMF Coding and Decoding with Hypersignal Block Diagram
HSAP2061 Real-time Processing with Hypersignal RIDE
HSAP2062 Real-time DSP Multi-processing with Hypersignal RIDE
HSAP2070 Signal Analysis using Wavelets with Hypersignal Block Diagram
HSAP2080 High Speed Signal Acquisition
HSAP2081 Creating Stand-alone Virtual Instruments with Hypersignal VIDSP Studio
HSAP2082 Real-world Measurements with PC-based Dynamic Signal Analyzer
HSAP2083 High Speed Arbitrary Signal Generation
HSAP2084 Stimulus Response at 10 MHz
HSAP2090 Image Processing for Motion Detection with Hypersignal ImageDSP
HSAP2091 Object Detection and Tracking with Hypersignal ImageDSP
HSAP2092 Fractal Experimentation and Analysis with Hypersignal ImageDSP