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VSIP(Video Security over Internet Protocol)

       智控科技推出最新的VSIP (Video Security over Internet Protocol)工具套件,是為了使視訊監控系統發展廠商能以很低成本,迅速從類比技術移轉至數位技術,並將廠商自己獨自開發的功能規格加入產品內。這套VSIP工具套件是以德州儀器高效能TMS320DM642TM數位媒體處理器為基礎,並且提供最完整的硬、軟體平台,以支援智慧型網路攝影機的發展。

VSIP(Video Security over Internet Protocol)

Your project can rely on a Development Platform as:

- A demonstration tool of the concept
- A prototype to confirm the performances and the potential of the end product
- An open platform to facilitate software development
- A reference design for the end product hardware platform

Ateme proposes an innovative product concept: Application-Oriented reference designs.

The VSIP Development Platform is a complete bundle including all necessary items to develop your own application:

  • Hardware platform,
  • Embedded software package (audio, video, streaming libraries and application examples),
  • Development tools (for DSP and FPGA development),
  • PC application and complete documentation set.

The VSIP Development Platform (for Video Security over IP) is designed to become the core of end products as IP Camera or Network Encoder.

  Video surveillance systems are currently undergoing a transition where more and more analog solutions are being replaced by digital. Digital technology enables audio/video data compression that minimizes transmission bandwidth and storage requirements and permits security cameras to operate on standard data networks without the expense of bulky coaxial cables. To enable this changeover, the new Video Security over Internet Protocol (VSIP) Development Platform has been created to help developers build intelligent security cameras that take advantage of a digital IP network by leveraging the real-time performance and flexibility inherent in DSP technology.

The comprehensive, open platform simplifies development of intelligent network video cameras with all the hardware, software and support needed to get to market quickly.

With the flexibility of a programmable DSP solution, developers can change compression standards, add specific processing capabilities and develop different products on the same hardware platform – enabling a wide range of products and creating a future proof system. Customization of your video surveillance system could include:
  • Video Indexing
  • Biometrics (Faces, Iris/Retinal )
  • Alarm Management
  • Image Storage
  • Privacy Zone Management
  • Number Plate Analyses

Embedded Software:

  • Applicative Framework, easily customizable, with high level APIs (with complete source code)
  • Application examples (streaming one channel full resolution, 2 CIF channels with audio, etc ...)
  • MPEG-4 video compression complete library*, Simple and Advanced Simple Profile
  • ADPCM audio compression complete library*,
  • Audio/video hardware synchronization
  • RTP/RTSP streaming
  • Local storage management, allowing simultaneous record and replay
  • Video pre-processing
  • Motion detection
  • Alarms management
  • Timers and RTC management (Real-Time Clock)
  • Image dating and referencing
  • Access right management
  • PTZ camera control (Pan Tilt Zoom)
  • Board Support Library, with simple APIs for all interfaces (with complete source code)
  • Version restricted on DMDK hardware (contact us for mass production)
         (*Version restricted on DMDK hardware (contact us for mass production))


  • H/W board based on DM642 TI Processor (DMDK board)
  • Video camera CMOS sensor with BT656 digital interface, for glueless system integration
  • 30GB Hard-drive, unique IDE
  • 4 analog CVBS video inputs or 2 Y/c inputs
  • 1 audio stereo input
  • 1 analog audio and video CVBS+Y/c outputs
  • Local XVGA output
  • Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps interface
  • 32 MB SDRAM memory and 4 MB Flash memory
  • Audio, video and Ethernet cables, power supply.

PC Application:

  • Interoperable with ISMA players
  • Video multi-channel live visualization
  • Audio/video parameters management, through RTSP, HTTP, specific IP,
  • Real-time Motion Detection with On Screen Display
  • PTZ management


  • JTAG PCI Emulator , for interconnection between development PC and DSP board
  • AES stream encryption
  • Application reload by IP
  • On Screen Display (OSD) and Privacy zones management
  • Audio alarm detection
  • Decompression Libraries (Windows / Linux)
  • ORCAD schematics and detailed Bills of Materials (BOM)
  • Other Video compression libraries : MPEG-2, H26x, JPEG, MJPEG, …
  • Other Audio compression libraries : AAC, CELP, MP3, …
Use Cases

Operating modes

The VSIP can be used as an IP camera with 1 (analog or digital) channel up to D1 resolution.
It can also be configured as a Network encoder with 1 to 4 analog video channels.

    IP Camera

  • Video IP camera:
    MPEG-4 D1 30 fps*
  • Audio/Video IP camera:
    MPEG-4 VGA 30 fps* + ADPCM
  • Smart IP camera:
    noise reduction + MPEG-4 + ADPCM + motion detection

    Digital Video Recorder

  • Loop recording of last minute, with backup on alarm
  • High resolution recording while low-resolution streaming
  • Simultaneous record and replay

    Digital Network Encoder

  • Dual mode:
    2 simultaneous 2CIF channels 30 fps*
  • Quad mode:
    4 simultaneous CIF channels with image subsampling

* 30 fps in NTSC, 25 fps in PAL

Configuration by IP

Audio and video parameters are adjustable.

Video settings
Audio settings
  • bit rate mode: VBR, CBR
  • bit rate value / quantization
  • frames per second
  • frame format
  • date and reference
  • sampling frequency
  • mono / stereo
Kit Contents

The VSIP Development Platform includes:

  • H/W platform: development board, hard disk, power supply, audio and video cables
  • S/W libraries: board SDK, evaluation versions of audio & video compression, video processing, streaming algorithms …
  • PC application
  • Development environment: CCS – full version (from Texas Instruments), Quartus II – WE version (from Altera)
  • Comprehensive documentation set and tutorial
  • H/W and S/W support
  • See VSIP datasheet (PDF version)
  • See Video Surveillance Systems Over the Internet Protocol (PDF version)