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TCP/IP  網路傳輸
NDKC64 - TCP/IP Stack for Texas Instruments C6400 DSPs

The NDKC64, and its various options, enables embedded system developer to add networking features to DSP based products with a minimum of time and expense. The NDKC64 product line gives a compact, reliable, high performance TCP/IP stack built with simplicity, flexibility and reliability.

The NDKC64 stack is available for all current C6400 core based DSPs (TMS320C641x, DM64x). Driver support is provided for standard EMAC controllers on daughter boards or on-chip (DM64x). Sources files of driver and porting kit documentation is included to help the customer designing its own driver if required. 


  • High throughput for demanding applications
  • Small code footprint and minimal RAM required
  • Ready to go; no porting required when used with: DSP/Bios Multitasking Kernel
  • Standard TCP and UDP sockets interface included
  • Ethernet MAC driver support for
    - Macronix MX98728 (as on LogicIO ETHC6000F daughter board)
    - SMSC 91C111
    - DM64x on-chip EMAC
  • 8250 UART serial device driver included (for PPP)
  • RFC compliant
  • Suitable for use as a multi-homed server (gateway or bridge)
  • Driver, tools library and application sample source code included
  • No application royalties and no per seat fees (one-time project license)
Supported Protocols:
  • TCP Transport Control Protocol
  • UDP User Datagram Protocol (multicast supported)
  • IP Internet Protocol
  • ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
  • IGMPv1 Internet Group Management Protocol
  • ARP Address Resolution Protocol
  • DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • DNS Domain Name System (DNS client)
  • PPP Point to Point Protocol (to use with UART/modem)
  • PPPoE PPP over Ethernet for cable/ADSL routers/gateways
  • NAT and routing for home gateways
  • Receive and send RFC 894 packets.
  • Receive 802.3 MAC / 802.2 LLC / 802.2 SNAP.
  • HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol server (embedded webserver supporting embedded virtual file system and CGI functions)

NDK is also available for C6200 DSPs (NDKC62).

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