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H264 影像壓縮 for Texas Instruments DSPs,General Purpose Processors,PC and FPGA (VHDL IPs)
ATEME delivers H.264/MPEG4-AVC technologies for end-to-end streaming solutions.
Encoders, decoders and streaming IP integrated with 3rd party DRM has been demonstrated at IBC (September 2004, Amsterdam). Our technology is available and already adopted by customers, in Broadcast, Broadband and Corporate markets, in live SD main profile encoders and in IP Set-Top Boxes for H.264 DSP decoder.

Our encoders/decoders strictly follow ISO/IEC 14496-10 standard, implementing all tools for the very best video quality.
Benchs achieved by independent experts show ATEME's solutions as the fastest and highest quality solutions.

Encoding technologies Decoding technologies

Real-Time PC-based solution

Off-line encoding software, with SDK. Option for simultaneous transmission.

Option for acquisition board with SDK for real-time acquisition and encoding. File recording & streaming server interfaces.

Decoder on DSP

Solution for Texas Instruments' DSPs

PCI board

Real-time SD encoding from SDI - Kompressor board family.
For OEMs and integrators, already available in MPEG-4 SP and ASP, and soon AVC.

Decoder on PC

Implementing all Main and Baseline profiles tools (CABAC, MBAFF, MPAFF, ASO, …)
Available as codec, ActiveX, etc…

Single-chip H.264 real-time encoder (FPGA)

Downloadable binary, for a complete SD encoder in a single-chip solution




Complete VHDL core H.264 encoder

Real-time SD full encoder, available in VHDL source code for customization.


consult us


VDL IPs for Hardware acceleration

VHDL IPs for real-time SD and HD encoding

  • Bitstream encoding (CABAC and CAVLC),
  • Deblocking filter,
  • Motion estimation


ATEME is a member of the MPEG Industry Forum and participates in H.264 interoperability tests.

H.264 technology overview

H.264 / MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding / MPEG-4 ISO 14496 part 10 boasts high quality for low bitrate and overcomes the bandwidth limitation while addressing the needs for high quality video.
This new compression standard features enhanced compression performance while providing a video representation which addresses “conversational” (video telephony) and “non-conversational” (storage, broadcast or streaming).

This standard is declined in 4 profiles:

  • Baseline
  • Main
  • Extended
  • High - coming soon

The main changes compared to MPEG-4 (part 2) are:

  • Integer transform
  • Context Adaptive Coding (CAVLC, CABAC)
  • Enhancement of every steps
  • More processing power for an enhanced quality

Encoding principle is the following:

  • Multiple reference frames are used for motion compensation step.
  • Integer transform prevents mismatch between encoder and decoder.
  • Quantization is done with Non constant step increment.
  • Context modeling (Context adaptive coding) provides conditional probability of the coding words.
  • Deblocking filter allows artifacts removal on reference frames.


Main Profile
Baseline Profile
I-, P-Frames
Deblocking loop filter
Interlace support
Arbitrary slice ordering
Redundant slices

ATEME H.264 video compression libraries are available in Main Profile and Baseline Profile.

Available products datasheets

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